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Boyfriend Magazine: ISSUE 13 - UNLUCKY 13

We were inspired by movie "Desert Flower" and created 5 looks series about transformation of female who was born clean and innocent without any labels as every human newborn. Then she was transformed by society of her village, it was hard for her, she suffered. Then she came to the city in another country and tried smh new and to find herself. Then she became a model and it is her first step as independent person.The last one is about her success, she finally achieved top of fashion world, she is absolutely gorgeous, but at the same time she is again with labels but from other society. And if to compare 1st one and last one, it feels as we come to this world absolutely beautiful and perfect, the same as Absolute is.

Make up artist & hair stylist Karina Jemeljanova.
Model Kuda Mufaro